Materials Engineering, Inc.
47W605 I.C. Trail
Virgil, IL 60151

Associated Labs
Ingenium Technologies: Specializing in stress analysis, finite element analysis and mechanical engineering design.
Elite Engineering: Specializing in electrical, electromagnetic, environmental and EMC testing.
Technical References
How Stuff Works:
Straightforward explanations of how a variety of things work.
National Highway Transportation Safety Administrations: Search problems with automobiles, recalls, defects and complaints.
Cole Parmer or Hoffman: Look up chemical compatibility for a variety of materials.
Mat Web: Basic property data on a variety of materials.
Lab X: Buying and selling laboratory equipment.
Staff Picks
The Official Purdue University Athletic Site: Need I say more?
Big Ten: Their official athletic site.
The Motley Fool: Entertaining investment advice.
College Financial Aid Calculator: Calculate the potential financial aid for your college-bound student before you submit the fafsa.
Technical Societies
ASM International: Formerly the American Society for Metals.
ASQ: The American Society for Quality.
ASTM: The American Society for Testing Materials.