Materials Engineering, Inc.
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Design and Materials Support
All of our services are aimed at one goal: product improvement. Whether through cost reduction, processing improvement, application of advanced technology, expansion of the performance envelope of current products, the goal is simple: to apply the right material and right processing to do the job right. Our experience in industry has taught us a lesson: If you desire to continue to be in the business of manufacturing products, you must continue to provide the highest performance, highest quality, most reliable product at the best value (reasonable cost). We have learned that materials, processing, and quality control can play an important role in this pursuit.
Whether it is a simple review of materials and processing used on existing products and designs, discussion of materials and processing options for new designs, optimization of component processing, or assistance in applying new materials and processing technologies to expand your performance envelope, there are many opportunities where we can assist you to improve your product.
We have a strong background in general engineering principles, and have experience in program management, concurrent engineering and the teamwork approach to design. This experience gives us a thorough understanding of the issues involved in product design, engineering and manufacture, and allows us to actively contribute to the improvement of your products.
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