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Special Capabilities
Chemical Processing Equipment Support
Electronic and Electrical Materials Support
Advanced Materials, Composites and Ceramics

Chemical Processing Equipment Support

Reactors, pumps, tank, piping and heat exchangers are but a few examples of the vast variety of equipment used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Problems can arise due to corrosion, cracking, wear or unanticipated process changes. These problems can impact your production. We can help you correct these problems, inspect your equipment or help you to choose the proper materials of construction for equipment or piping additions.
Learn more about stress corrosion cracking in the Fall 2005 MEi newsletter.

Electronic and Electrical Materials Support

Our staff has experience working with electronic and electrical materials and processing, having conducted failure analysis, processing analysis, contamination identification and quality control activities. Our experience spans from the most simple electric wire to the most sophisticated semiconductors.
Electronic Materials and Processes
Packaging Materials

• High Thermal Conductivity
• Ceramic to Metal Joining
• Low Thermal Expansion
• Die Attach
• Hermeticity
• Plating
• Soldering and Joining
• Cleaning
Non-Metallic Materials
• Adhesives and Sealants
• Conformal Coatings
• Ceramics and Insulators
• Polymers
• Semiconductors & Packages
• Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors
• Film Capacitors
• Printed Wiring Boards
Electrical Materials and Processes
• Contactors
• Motors
• Wire and Cable
• Switches
• Generators
• Power Distribution
• Power Transmission
• Household Fixtures and Wiring
• Failure Analysis
• Soldering and Joining Problems
• Cleanliness and Contamination
• High Magnification Inspection
• Processing Problems
• PWB Processing Defects
• Surface Characterization
• Corrosion Identification
• Plating Integrity
• Arcing and Fire Analysis

Advenced Materials, Composties and Ceramics

Beyond our expertise of working with traditional materials and processes, the Staff at MEi has gained experience working with many state of the art advanced materials.
If you are presently using some of these advanced materials, we can assist you in failure analysis, processing, design and testing. If you are considering the use of advanced materials, we will help you sort out the truth from the fiction to determine if there would be real benefits to using advanced materials in your applications. Once this determination is made, we will assist you in developing these materials to take advantage of their unique properties in your products.

Our Experience
• Material Selection and Review of Current Design
• Trade Studies Covering Advantages and
• Evaluation of Raw Material and Processing Cost
• Property Testing and Benefit Verification
• Casting, Forming and Material Processing
• Component Fabrication and Testing
• Performance Evaluation and Benefit Verification
• Failure Analysis and Processing Problems

Composite Materials
• Metal Matrix
• Ceramic Matrix
• Polymeric Matrix
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