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Materials Engineering, Inc. has a fully equipped A2LA accredited metallurgical and polymer laboratory with staff skilled in the operation of the equipment to support our investigations.


A2LA is the industry standard for testing laboratories, accrediting to ISO-17025, an ISO-9000 class standard with extra requirements to insure technical competence in testing.

Go to A2LA site. See our current scope of accreditation.

Scanning Electron Microscopy
• Surface Characterization and Defects
• EDS and Light Element Detection
• Contamination Identification
Standardless Quantitative Chemical Analysis

How does it work?
Learn more about SEM/EDS in the Fall 2001 MEi newsletter.

Other Capabilities
• Photographic and Video Recording
• Sample Preparation
• Specialized Component Testing
• Conductivity (%IACS)
• Pressure Testing
• Density
• Surface Finish (RA)
• Taber Abrasion Wear Testing

How does it work?
Learn more about metallography in the Fall 2005 MEi newsletter.

Optical Microscopy
• Microstructure
• Grain Size
• Heat Treatment
Carburization, Decarburization
• Coating Thickness
• Inclusion, Porosity, Shrinkage Content

Polymer Analysis
• FTIR Spectroscopy
• Differential Scanning Calorimetry
• Thermogravimetric Analysis
• Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)


• Melt Flow Rate / Extrusion Plastometry
• Shore Durometer Hardness

• Density / Specific Gravity

• Surface Gloss

Hardness Measurement
• Rockwell
• Rockwell Superficial
Knoop Microhardness
• Vickers Microhardness
• Durometer

How does it work?
Learn more about hardness testing methods in the Fall 2001 MEi newsletter.

Chemical Composition Using Optical
Emission Spectroscopy

• Steels
• Stainless Steels
• Tool Steels
• Aluminum Alloys
• Copper, Brass, Bronze

How does it work?
Learn more about Chemical Composition by OES in the Spring 2003 MEi newsletter.


We have established relationships with analytical experts throughout the area, enabling us to conduct virtually any analysis or testing necessary to support our investigations, including Thermal Mechanical Analysis (TMA), mechanical properties and non-destructive examination.









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