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Customized Testing
We will work with you to define and conduct a test method to meet your needs.
We have assisted many manufacturers of consumer and industrial products by setting up and conducting specialized testing. The testing can be aimed at verifying the performance of the product under normal or adverse conditions, developing new products, or investigating failure modes in support of product liability investigations.
Our engineering background, understanding of failure modes and scenarios, and of engineering design principles enables us to develop procedures which generate meaningful results.

Testing of
• Products
• Components
• Assemblies
• Exemplars
• Competitors Units
• Incident Units
• Raw Material
• Prototypes
Examples of Items Tested
• Aerosol Cans
• Elastomeric Hoses
• Ladders
• Power and Hand Tools
• Torches and Heating Devices
• Fire Suppression Systems
• Fastening Devices
• Small Appliances
• Bushings/Bearings
• Firearms
• Springs
• Steel Cable

Types of Testing
• Performance
• Failure Modes
• Compliance to Industry Specification
• Safety Features
• Product Comparison
• Accelerated Life Testing
• Design Features/Proof of Concept
• Fire and Explosion
• Corrosion
• Environmental Exposure
• Thermal Exposure
Data Acquisition
• Temperature, Pressure
• Combustion Gases
• Data Logging versus Time
• Video Taping
• Photography
• Computer Interface
• Data Recording
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