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Failure Analysis

One of the primary activities at MEi is determining how and why materials, components and systems fail. Hardware failures are costly and frustrating. We can help you solve these problems.

Possible Causes of Failures
• Material Defects
• Processing Defects
• Environment Effects
• Improper Operation
• Improper Processing
• Poor Design
• Improper Material
• Extraordinary Loading
Possible Failure Modes
• Ductile Overload
• Brittle Overload
• Fatigue
• Creep
• Wear
• Corrosion
• Crazing
• Chemical Exposure
• Impact
• Thermal Fatigue
• Corrosion Fatigue
• Hydrogen Embrittlement
• Stress Corrosion Cracking
• Environmental Stress Cracking

• Stress Rupture
• Mixed Mode

We will verify the material composition and processing to determine if defects in material or improper processing contributed to the failure.

We will determine if the failure is an isolated incident, or has the potential to become a recurring problem.

After discussing results with you, we will work with you to establish and implement a corrective action plan.

With our strong background in engineering design and principles, we can fully understand the operation of the failed component, gathering information from you that may provide clues about the cause of failure. Then using the scanning electron microscope, energy dispersive spectroscopy, optical microscopy and metallography, we will determine the mode of failure, the cause of failure, and pinpoint the exact location of failure initiation.

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