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Product Liability and Litigations
Whether heading up the investigation, or contributing our Metallurgical and Engineering knowledge to other forensic investigators, we have the background, expertise and professionalism to assist you in matters of product liability and litigation.
To arrive at the truth, we employ
• On Site Accident Investigation
• Photographic and Video Documentation
• Laboratory Metallurgical Analysis
• Specialized Product Testing
• Collection of Design and Manufacturing Information
• Determination of Environmental and Improper Usage Effects
Our inquisitive nature and problem solving methodology allows us to conduct a thorough and professional investigation. We will investigate the background history of the failure, and review all relevant testimonies. Upon determination of the accident scenario, we can set up specialized testing to verify the integrity of a product or to confirm/refute a potential failure mode. This testing has often been the key to determining the facts of the matter. Videotapes of such testing have been presented in the courtroom. Once completing the investigation and determining what has happened, we express our expert opinions in deposition and court of law.
When faced with a possible product failure that results in damage or injury, it is imperative to determine what happened, and why. Our success in failure analysis has led to our outstanding reputation in the field of Forensic Engineering. We are employed by industry, insurance companies and attorneys to determine cause of failure or injury, often putting together many pieces of a complex puzzle.
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