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Processing Problems





Whether it requires identifying the contamination which is causing a processing problem, understanding why two lots of material process differently, or troubleshooting a sophisticated process, we can help get you back in production.





If required, we can come to your facility and meet with your manufacturing, quality and engineering staffs.





We will isolate the problem and determine the important variables.





We can then gather the proper samples to perform metallurgical laboratory analysis and set up experiments to evaluate potential solutions.





Finally, we will assist you in implementing corrective action.





Our knowledge and experience in metals, polymers, processing, manufacturing, general engineering, process mapping and problem solving give us the tools to work with you to solve your processing problems.





Metal Processing Techniques
• Casting
• Forging
• Cold Heading
• Blanking
• Deep Drawing
• Press Forming
• Spinning
• Bending
• Straightening
• Sheering
• Thermal/Laser Cutting
• Abrasive Cutting
• Coining
• Stamping
• Machining
• Powder Metallurgy

• Carbon, Alloy & Tool Steels
• Stainless Steels
• Nickel Based Alloys
• Titanium Alloys
• Cast Irons
• Copper/Brass/Bronze
• Aluminum Alloys
• Refractory Metals
• Carbides
• Polymers/Plastics
• Composites
• Sealants/Adhesives
• Paints/Coatings

Metallurgical Processing
• Heat Treatment
• Stress Relieving
• Plating and Cleaning
Non-Metallic Processing
• Adhesive Bonding
• Potting/Encapsulating
• Extrusion

• Injection Molding
• Thermoforming
• Compression Molding
• Ultrasonic Welding

• Film Blowing

• Heat Sealing

• Annealing
Metallurgical Joining
• Welding
• Brazing
• Soldering





The worlds of materials and manufacturing are intertwined. Proper materials and controlled processing techniques lead to the creation of quality products. But when either the material or processing is not under control, problems arise. Often seemingly subtle changes in processing parameters or incoming material quality can lead to disastrous results.





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